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Maths for kids | Ganitamulu | Balasiksha

Maths is called in telugu as Ganitamu.

Maths for kids video will introduce maths to your kids, learning maths for kids is the one of major important, as maths is very important for kids to learn for their day to day life.

there are different ways we can teach maths to kids, as an example maths games for kids, in this way we can help kids to learn maths in easy and fun loving way. maths help for kids education.

in this Balasiksha video, it is clearly show how easy it is remember maths and numbers as a easy rhyme.

maths learning for kids a.ka. Ganitamulu and ankelu for kids


Birds for children | Birds and Names | Pakshula perlu | Balasiksha

This post will bring you the all birds names and pictures for your easy learning as beautiful rhyme. Birds for children is very important to learn, they must learn about all the bird names around the world.

Balasiksha will provide an easy way to learn bird name list, and all famous bird names and all bird types and their meaning of the names .

Birds and names a.k.a Pakshula perlu is one of best rhyme available for kids in our Balasiksha.


Different seasons and names | Rutuvulu vati perlu | Balasiksha

All we know there are different Seasons in the world, This video teaches your kids as a rhyme to learn about different seasons in the world, in telugu this is called as Rutuvulu.

This video aims to teach you about Rutuvulu / Seasons with their names..

KidsVideoz always brings you the latest video learning episodes about various seasons.



Festival names in telugu | Pandugala perlu | Balasiksha

Telugu is one the oldest culture and the main religion and culture in Telugu is called as Hindu culture and Hinduism, while it also practice the other religions.

So it is really important to your kids to know and learn about the Festival names in Telugu and this is really important because all main festivals in Telugu will come with holidays in India for every physical year.

Balasiksha is one of the main education source for telugu kids, Sankranthi is one the main festival for South indian region, and Ugadi will be called as Telugu new year, Deepavali a.k.a Diwali is one of fun festival for the kids, this festival called as Festive of the lights.

See this great amazing video to learn about Festival names in telugu a.k.a Pandagala peru in Telugu.


Pillalaku Manchi alavatlu – Good Habits for kids – Telugu Balasiksha

In this video tutorial, kids will learn about the good habits.

Pillalaku machi alavatlu, this is one the main education video for telugu kids. and this video episode is taken from Telugu Balasiskha. Teach your kids about all good habits to learn. This will help kids to grow with well versed discipline while just having fun of watching this Pedda balasiksha videos.

Rangula perlu – Names of colors in Telugu – Telugu Balasiksha

About this video:

Telugu balasiksha is one of oldest and greatest educational book to learn Telugu and Telugu Balasiksha contain all kind of Educational lessons for Children.

Telugu Balasiksha is mainly aimed to teach Telugu Stories, Telugu Rhymes, for kids in a very intuitive fun loving way. Kids will learn about Telugu perlu while watching this fun filled video about Rangula perlu.

English translation for Rangula parlu is “Names of colors in Telugu”